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Your Agreement with Crookham Travel

1. You agree that the person who signs the booking form signs it on behalf of himself/herself and all the persons included on it which means that you are entitled to the benefits and bound by the obligations of an agreement with us. We will state in writing whether we accept your booking and we will only be bound by an agreement when we have accepted this booking. We will endeavour to do our best to make travel and other arrangements with hotel proprietors, road, rail and other suppliers of services. Whilst we have no direct control over such suppliers of services, we do accept responsibility not only in respect of any acts or omissions of our own, but also of our agents and suppliers In most circumstances, but we would draw your attention to the provisions of Clauses 9, 10 and 11 of these conditions for further details in this regard. In concluding a contract, both you and we agree to be bound by our Booking Conditions set out on this page.

The Standards You May Expect

2. We try to perform our services and to arrange those services to be performed by others to our exacting high standards. However, standards can vary to some extent in some areas to which we arrange tours and you should not expect the same standards on every tour or on every stage of any particular tour.


3. A deposit of the amount shown on each tour booking form and your Holiday Insurance premium (where required) must be sent with the booking form. The price of the tour less the amount of the deposit is due between four and eight weeks before the departure date, unless otherwise advised on your booking confirmation.. The exact date will be shown on that document.

Additional Charges

4. The prices quoted are based upon costs and exchange rates prevailing at the time of publication. The price of your tour is subject to surcharges only on the following items: governmental action, currency, aircraft fuel, overflying charges, airport taxes and increases in scheduled airfares We will absorb an amount equivalent to 2% of the holiday price which excludes insurance premiums.

Alterations to Arrangements

5. In very unusual circumstances it may be necessary or advisable to make alterations to the arrangements for your tour (e.g. itineraries, hotel accommodation or travel plans). You authorise us to make such alterations to any arrangements as we honestly consider necessary or advisable, taking into account the interest of other clients and ourselves as well your own interests. If we make an alteration before your departure which represents a material departure from the tour you have booked we promise to notify the person who signed the booking form without delay. You may then accept the alteration proposed by us, which will be of at least a comparable standard, if available, or you may, alternatively, cancel your booking and obtain a prompt and full refund of all money paid by you provided you have given us written notice of cancellation within 7 days of the date upon which we notified you of the alteration. You will receive regular updates as to progress with the planning of complex tours.

Cancellation by You

6. If you wish to cancel your booking, you may do so subject to the following provisions. You must give us written notice of cancellation which must be signed by the person who signed the booking form. Cancellation is effective from the date upon which we receive the notice of cancellation. If we receive the notice of cancellation up to the date the balance is required you will merely forfeit your deposit. In certain circumstances however, where no monies have actually been dispersed upon your behalf, a refund less £50 may be made. After that date you will additionally be liable for the following charges. From the balance date to 30 days before departure, 60% of the land tour amount; 29 days to date of departure, 100% of the land amount. Should the cancelled place(s) be sold, the refund will be 80% of the land tour amount. No refunds are possible on flight tickets.

Cancellation by Us

7. In exceptional circumstances it may be necessary or advisable to cancel all the arrangements for a tour (although we have never cancelled a tour in our thirty plus years of business) you authorise us to cancel all arrangements if we honestly consider that to be necessary or advisable, taking Into account the interests of other clients and ourselves, as well as your interests provided that we observe the following conditions:

(a) We will not cancel your tour after the date when payment of the balance of the price becomes due (as to which see Clause 3) unless it is necessary to do so as a result of hostilities, political unrest or other circumstances amounting to a force majeure, or unless you default in payment of the balance.

(b) If we cancel your tour at any time as a result of hostilities, political unrest or other circumstances amounting to a force majeure, we will inform the person who signed the booking form as soon as possible and will offer you a prompt and full return of all monies paid.

(c) If we cancel your tour on or before the date when the payment of the balance for the tour becomes due (as to which see Clause 3) for reason other than hostilities, political unrest or other force majeure, we will inform the person who signed the booking form as soon as possible, and will refund deposits in full.

(d) If we cancel your tour because you fail to pay the balance due in accordance with clause 3 you will forfeit your deposit.

Health Certificates, Passports & Visas

8. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have a valid passport and all necessary visas and are in possession of any required medical certificates. Most countries insist on passports being valid for six months from the date of departure of the holiday. All costs arising out of the failure to comply with any requirements must be met at your expense. We accept no responsibility for your failure to comply with passport, visa and health regulations.

Our Liability to You

9. As we are careful only to work with suppliers who comply fully with local and national laws, we accept responsibility for the proven acts and omissions of ourselves, sub-contractors and local agents. Whilst we are sure you will appreciate that we do not control the day-to-day operations of our suppliers, we accept responsibility in respect of acts and/or omissions of our agents and suppliers of services to us and of their employees, if it is proven or accepted that advertised facilities or services received are deficient or below acceptable local standards.

Limitation of Liability

10. We cannot be held liable or accept responsibility for death, bodily Injury or illness caused to either the signatory of the booking form nor any other person named thereon. This does not exclude our liability for any negligent act or omission of ourselves, agents, suppliers or sub­contractors. The foregoing provisions in clause 9 of these Conditions do not apply to any air, sea or rail carriers supplying services to us and forming any domestic, internal or international carriage of whatsoever kind. In this regard, see clause 11 below.

Liability of Air and Sea Carriers

11. Any flights or sea journeys forming part of your holiday will be subject to the general conditions of carriage and conditions of contract or the carrier concerned, to which your attention will be drawn on the airline tickets. Additionally, such journey will also be subject to international law which, amongst other things, limits the carriers' liability to passengers in respect of death or bodily injury delay and loss, or damage to, baggage. We do not accept any liability in respect of the foregoing and any claims resulting from air or sea carriage, should be directed to the carrier concerned.

Delayed Departure

12. In the event of delayed flight departure, any necessary arrangements will be the responsibility of the airline.

Advice and Assistance

13. We hope and expect your holiday will be trouble free and enjoyable Our courier will usually accompany each tour and will be on hand to provide every assistance that we can in the form of advice, guidance and information should you, during your holiday, suffer illness, personal injury or death arising out of an activity which does not form part of the inclusive holiday arrangement, nor an excursion offered through us.

Claims and Complaints

14. No claim or complaint will be entertained unless you make it in writing, quoting the tour name, to our office: Crookham Travel, 11 Attlee Gardens, Church Crookham, Fleet, Hampshire, GU52 6PH. Telephone 01252 665652. If you make a complaint we promise to deal with it fairly and promptly within the terms of these Conditions. Conversely, should you wish to compliment our service we are always pleased to hear from you.

Your Contract

15. The law governing the contract between us is the law of England and the contract is deemed to have been made at our office in Fleet.

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